Saturday, 3 January 2009

Take A Moment To Follow The Link.

Someone said to me, and we took great delight in arguing about it, that photorealism is the finest form of art.  I don't think so.  She said that all the other forms of art aren't as good, because the photorealist paints the world as it is.  My response was that we have cameras for that these days, and it's far more difficult to be a good impressionist or abstract artist because you have to interpret the world, not slavishly copy every detail.  According to this person, photographers aren't artists at all.  So after showing her the difference between amateur photos and professional retouched and perfected photos, I think we came to agree that art is in everything, it's a person's interpretation of their world.

Either way, here's a site where you can be as arty or as mundane as you want, and see how others view their world.  The lack of tags or descriptions or comments makes this as much about the art of photography as you want it to be.

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