Saturday, 31 January 2009

One Month Of 2009.

More recent stories that make me think that we're not worth the land air and water we're in any case ruining around ourselves:

  •,21985,24914027-662,00.html Kiwis gouging bereft parents.

    Can you say just plain laziness in researching before reaching for the keyboard?  And then to offer that arch, stiff, non-apology, well that's just the height of rudeness.  Also, if I'm not mistaken, The Reg puts the slant fair and squar eon the Kiwis but the owner or spokesperson of that company appears to be Asian if I'm not mistaken, and I wonder if he's even an NZ citizen.

  • The best bets for finding intelligent life are probably not on Earth...

    I maintain that if we think we're a cosmic fluke then we need to re-evaluate our state of mind.  A lot.  If we're right and the Universe is infinite then there must be at least one identical civilisation out there.  If we're right and the Universe is a gigantic hologram then someone or something is running the hologram - and that means that there's still at least one other life form out there.
  • Our lovely advertising companies, still lying cheating and gouging after all these years.

    Advertising that takes advantage of people's lack of tech knowledge and gullibility: It's kind of a law of the wild, and the Internet is still the Wild frontier.  People who don't understand the technology they're using are a major contributor to the spam and botnet problem and it's a pity that they aren't under Darwinian pressure to learn or lose their access.  Maybe that's the way it's going to go soon, a Gibsonesque / Stephensonesque ecosystem that will heal itself around lamers and botbait.  
  •,25197,24913858-2702,00.html rough justice for a drug dealer. And,25197,24914427-2702,00.html - a global warming and political heating victim.

    I'd probably not investigate too closely in the case of the murdered dealer, and I'm half in agreement that Bananarama has made his bed, but there are things like the dealer's wife and the people of Fiji that beg to be handled differently.  She is a victim whose family needs closure, the people of Fiji are pretty much under their leader's thumb and therefore it's their military that needs to take a long hard look at what they're supporting and act accordingly.  Let's face it, that's how they got into this situation in the first place...
Oh well.  Sorry some of these are old but I needed time to read them and work out my comments, besides, it's just a round-up of interesting tidbits.  Enjoy, and feel free to use the comments and give your view.

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