Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dealing With Press Releases Fail.

Some people take themselves wayyy too seriously.  Like this guy.  Hang on Eric. What makes you think those PR firms actually give any more of a toss about whether you want their PR or not?  As you freely admit, they sent those same press releases to newspapers, magazines, corner Boy Scout magazines, and anywhere else they could think of.  Without the slightest regard about the recipients wanting those PRs or not.  Those same newspapers, magazines, and Boy Scout magazines also received tons of advertising, brochures, and faxes, just as you (poor soul you) receive spam spam and more spam along with those press releases.

You know what the newspapers, magazines, and Boy Scout magazines did if they didn't like the press releases? They threw them in the bin.  Shit, Eric - you don't even have to walk to the bin, all you have to do is hit that delete key...

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