Saturday, 8 November 2008

So Much So, It's Still Spinning!

When is spin doctoring not so much spin doctoring, as drilling right through the planet and landing on some alien landscape?

When it's the GOP trying to salvage a shred of dignity out of that whole Sarah Palin thing:

"The candidacy of Sarah Palin was immensely helpful, absolutely essential to making this a reasonably close race," said Morton Blackwell, Republican National Committee member from Virginia. "  SFGate Article

"Reasonably close?"  OMG they would have done better if McCain had run the entire campaign himself - on foot.  Palin aggravated millions of voters into voting Democrat, attracted maybe a paltry few hundreds of thousands to the Republican side.  Had it not been for Palin, the result might have become "close." How did that make her "absolutely essential?"

Q: "What's closer, the ex USSR or the moon?"
A: (a blonde) "The moon, dummy.  I mean, can you SEE Russia from here?"
A: (Sarah Palin) "Please explain?"

UPDATE: (Sort of)
You can put any amount of makeup and clothes on it, but in the end...  She lied outright, about not asking anyone to buy those clothes for her - aides were asked, by her directly, to buy clothes for her using their own credit cards.  She also directly bought, or asked to have bought, clothes for members of her family.  Look, if she wanted to do that I'm sure she could have used her own personal credit card - but she did not, she used campaign funds to do those things.  Me, I would buy the stuff myself and then ask for a reimbursement of those items that were directly and legitimately campaign related.  That's what I consider the responsible way to deal with taxpayers' money... 

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