Friday, 21 November 2008

Moved: One Teddles

The domestic news:  I've pretty much moved to a little cottage about 19km east of Mandurah, on the Murray river, and got the bus settled and Ghostie settled and some veges growing.  It now feels a lot more like home.

Has been a series of Karmic coincidences, all good, all positive, so I feel quite happy.  And I'll have a bit more room to work on the bus' last few modifications I want to make.

It's a small 1br ex beach shack cottage, no I haven't been fishing yet, yes I intend to rectify that soon... %)  Lovely and peaceful and quiet, only problem is that Telstra is taking so long to connect a phone line for me so I'm using "opportunistic WiFi" which is very flakey and patchy.  And once I do have a phone, it may turn out that the area is borderline for ADSL again.

At least I've managed to update my blog, that's a Good Thing I guess.

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