Sunday, 24 August 2008

New Toy, New Games

I picked up a GPS yesterday while looking for something else entirely - but at under $200AUD it was a reasonable price - and today decided to play a bit of a game with it.  Trish and I picked a region quite close (within 50km) of home, and then scrolled through the points of interest in that region until we found - a winery.  Set that as the destination and just set off. 

Okay on the way to the destination, we spotted a nice little river spot and pinned it for future reference.  Went to the Winery/Restaurant and baulked at the prices - $12 for a scoop of icecream (no matter how glowingly it's described) is just bullshit - and continued on because the Margaret River Chocolate Company was just up the road a ways.

Had a great lunch, retraced to the pinned river picnic spot, took a few photos, and wended our way back slowly. 

So new sport - stick a pin in the GPS and just go.  GPStrailing, anyone?

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