Friday, 11 July 2008


Hands up the treechangers out there.  And the seachangers.  And the other "xxxxx"changers whatever you want to call it.  I noticed after I wrote my last post about becoming a Grey Nomad that it's not actually like that, not like "changing one's life."  Or at least, that's not how it feels to me.  It feels more like "getting back to life" after a hiatus of decades. 

Maybe cos I'm a Gypsy at heart, but I've come to realise over the last few weeks, while getting the motorhome ready to roll, that this is how my life was, originally.  Things to do, good times to be had, people to meet, life to live.  So hands up everyone who's not into "lifechanging events" and instead is all about "getting back to my real life," and see you on the road!

Okay that salutation being over, I'll let you all know that I have, and will upload as I take them, pictures of what;s going on to my Flickr (and hopefully Picasa) accounts, this blog will have articles and occasional podcasts, and I'll keep a Google Map or two which will hopefully tie all the lements together.  When I do, the side bar will change and I'll put another set of links there. 

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