Sunday, 20 July 2008

Island Table for Motorhome.

Today's jobs: Finish off putting in the cat door for Ghostie, and make MkII of the offset island table for a bit of extra workspace.

The new table is over twice the surface of the original island table and weighs about 2/3rds as much. And it's fully braced underneath. I got a new cast aluminium dome to fit the tapered pipe island table leg at Camec, and pretty much fitted everything by eye rather than measuring.

Why cut to thumbnail measurements? Well, not all the angles in the bus are neat right angles, and this is one of those spots, the cupboard is on a slight angle and that needed to be allowed for, so holding a spare piece of chipboard against the side and then marking a line parallel to the cupboard supplied the angle for that cut, and while I was there I marked the cutouts for the vertical elements too.

A cordless drill with a drill bit and a philips driver bit, an electric jigsaw, and a small hand rasp (a Surform, about 6") were the only tools needed to complete the whole job. I used one of those work tables that clamps things but only needed to use it as a table in this case, so your outside table could probably be pressed into service if you're doing this on the road.

A piece of edge ribbon material and some contact adhesive finished the edge off, and the whole thing went together in about an hour and a bit.

Very worthwhile, as I can still fit three people around the table if I need to, yet have all that space for working with the laptop and it's also handy for cooking, fixing things, and what have you.

Time to have dinner. Have fun.

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