Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Good Scooter Shop

... is, appropriately enough, called The Scooter Shop and is right on the end of Queen Victoria St near the two bridges. Scrappy the scooter has been a bit dodgy, making these weird clunk noises every few kilometres, or when accelerating, and all sorts. Additionally, I've been noticing that cornering has been less positive, caused by tyres finally going past their use-by mileage, and lastly, the brakes were very grabby and jerky.

I booked in a week ago (they are VERY busy, and I can see why, they do a good job) and yesterday at midday, I delivered Scrappy to the Scooter Shop and told them to take their time, I have an altenative fom of transport. To my surprise, it was ready to go by midday today. It also came in at the lower end of the quoted range, and seems to be a good job replacing collapsed clutch bearings, replacing brake shoes and smoothing the brake drums, replacing tyres, and doing a filter service.

My only niggle is that the tyres are a bit overinflated for my tastes and I had to stop at a service station and let them down to my preferred pressure.

Otherwise, all kudos to the guys and girls at the Scooter Shop for a job well done, in good time, and at the right price.

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