Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What's commendable, what's condemmable

Watch the clip. Hmmm. Yes a neat idea, that camp stretcher. Meh, not so impressed with the "room divider" attached to the bunk bed, after all, you just need a cardboard box, and if you were homeless you wouldn't have a Martha Stewart like compulsion to add floral wallpaper, because let's face it - homeless by choice people seem to prefer the rough look, and homeless by acccident people will get out of the homeless situation as fast as they can, and wasting time making prettyfied cardboard boxes is not in their best interest, getting out of the situation is.

The "pram canopy" attached to a bed I have no idea at all what purpose that serves other than to keep the sun from waking the sleeper, and that again leads to the "by choice" / "by accident" thing above where if you wanted to cease to be homeless you'd probably be better off not sleeping your days away..

But the camp stretcher idea, now THERE is a 100% total commitment to fuzzy logic! For a start - I just know that every homeless person will find themselves a deckchair, a spare bolt of material, and a bunch of glass fibre reinforcing hoops - aren't they found in every pile of rubbish in your city? Nah, mine neither... But the clincher which tells me that this is done by a bunch of people who have a limited frame of reference for thinking things through is this:

"...can easily be made with material and a sewing machine..."

And I suppose homeless peoples' first order of importance is to cart a sewing machine around with them, and an extension cord.. riiiiiiiiight... Yeah I never leave home without mine, even...

I was waiting for something at the end of the clip to tell me it was just a joke, but it seems they are serious about providing no help at all and making a virtue of it.

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