Thursday, 17 April 2008

It never rains

. . . but it pours.

I've noticed that with a certain IT company I contract to from time to time, that every second job has taken place in rainy or cold weather. But it's been interesting work so far so I'm prepared to put up with the occasional drenching.

I did notice though that my consultants are all in a shark feeding frenzy, they must be short of resources out here in the West. It's already led to several attempted double bookings, and I've had to start a Google calendar for the consultants to refer to before they phone and try and book me as I'm sitting in another client's office...

Makes me wonder why they can't institute something that simple amongst themselves internally. Because in the last seven jobs I've had, this has happened six times. You'd think they'd learn. But maybe there's something about a dispersed and horizontalised organisation that just makes that kind of organisation impossible.

Anyway - I shouldn't complain because it makes my work days "interesting" in all senses of the word including the Ancient Chinese Curse sense, and of course it's good to keep my hand in at the general IT support and engineering areas.

And it's getting me out of the house and doing things, which can't be a bad thing. I've dealt with some of the biggest businesses in Perth thanks to this company, also a good thing, and I've managed to have more long blacks in the CBD and Freo in the last month than I think I have in almost a year. And that's a definite Good Thing.

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