Friday, 25 April 2008

Do You "Get" It?

If my father were still alive today, he would have an opinion on this article that goes something like "and the problem with this is?"

Dad was born into a very simple world where news was what was swapped around the town fountain. My grandparents, on coming to visit my mother and their son-in-law in Vienna, made the warding sign of the cross when Dad flipped a switch and the electric light came on. They were to make that sign again several times as he turned on the radio, and as they learned to flush a toilet for the first time. There were even automobiles in the streets!

When my father passed away a few years ago he'd been a longtime (more than five years) user of a PC and the Internet and had friends he would email and IM all over the world, and he'd had several mobile phones and his eye on one of "them newfangled GPS things."

My generation, right on the edge of the Baby Boomer generation, has seen more things change in a year than many generations saw in their whole lives. So do we prove to be better than my father's generation at "getting it?"

Sadly, it seems that the answer is "no..."

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