Monday, 5 November 2007

The Most Bastard Telemarketing Evah!

Just thought I'd share. (Okay, vent!)

Phone rang, I picked it up, silence at the other end. Okay, it's one of those autodiallers that waits for a sound then transfers you to the operator.

"HELLO?" and I heard the click, braced myself for yelg at another operator about Do Not Call lists, and got:

"Hi. We have a great opportunity for you, unfortunately all our operators are busy, would you please hold" from some automated IVR system.

Now I'm supposed to wait online for them to spam me? Dirty dirty dirty crap tricks. I half wish I'd hung on just so I could abuse human operator...

And now I have a problem, because this could also qualify as bastard marketing...


Rodney Olsen said...

The sad thing is that it must work to some degree or they wouldn't do it.

That means that there is a percentage of people who politely wait around for the spamming to commence and then take them up on whatever scam they're offering.

JulieB said...

Lay the phone down next to a radio (or TV, or whatever) and let it wait for the agent to come on the line. You'll have wasted their time. Payback for wasting yours! (Apparently some of them can't tell when they've got hold of an answering machine. Let the fun ensue!)

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