Friday, 26 October 2007

Braindump Download

Roundup of stray thoughts that need downloading, because my branium is full:

Wouldn't it have been appropriate if the imans and mourners at Crazy John's funeral had conducted the whole service by txt? (I notice that The Empire never sleeps and the ads are still being pumped onto TV, so I feel that my comment is in no worse taste...)

Given the huge plumes of smoke, is it now fair to refer to Arnie's state as the start of a new Ignited Nations? "Welcome to Cullyfoarnya - please don't smoke here!"

Promising to keep interest rates at a record low and then having record interest rate rises in less than a year - I bet all those people that voted Liberal last time didn't see THAT coming. Buggah...

Speaking of reversals - how's the Vatican finally absolving the Knights Templar? At least the RC Church can say "sorry" - pity the Lowly Worm still can't. Maybe in 700 years the Liberal Manifesto will be made public too...


Lorie said...

erm, that was so coherent teddy. :p

hehehehehe :D

and i know, sarcasm doesn't become me :D

teddlesruss dat who! said...

Hehehe how's my little LorieLove?

Yeah I did say it was a "dump" and meant that in every sense of the word. Wrote it half asleep, and a lot of it only makes sense in Australia.

- I guess you knew I was referring to the California Fires in there, will leave it at that.

- The Vatican has just released a very old (700-800 years old) document which absolves the Knights Templar of all their accusations. Which is wonderful, but the tortured and killed the Knights Templar because they were getting too powerful, and releasing the document now is not going to help those poor buggers is it? On the bright side, the Freemasons can now stop being a secret society because the organisation they grew out of is now once again legitimate.

- "Lowly Worm" = Prime minister John Howard. He was known a "Bookworm" because there was this slimy worm puppet with glasses on a kids show that looks just like him; And secondly, he was in a debate with his challenger Kevin Rudd just a few days ago and the TV station used "the worm" which is an approval/disapproval graph that changes in real time - he'd previously asked the TV stations NOT to use it and there was a lot of cutting of feeds and so forth because basically all the other TV stations were more interested in kissing ass than informing people.

Also, The Worm has been refusing to apologise to the Australian aboriginal people for some very distant past events, and it's one of his more lampooned traits, of never saying sorry, so that ties in the Knights Templar with "Bonsai Johnny." (Did I mention that he's also quite short?)

Interest rates - "Johnny Bush Jr" also has a history of making exorbitant promises before elections and then not following through. One of those lies was that he promised to keep the interest rates at the "record lows" but just in the last year that has been broken three times, and I just hate that he lies and lies and lies and gets away with it.

And yes he's leader of the Liberal party.

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