Thursday, 13 September 2007

It was a Steppenwolf moment.

Beginning of the week, (Tuesday when we had our one day of sun,) I had an appointment in town and, as per usual, rode the VMoto to the appointment. On the way back home, I was riding through the fairly new roundabout in Vic Park and because I was leaning the scooter way over, cafe racer style, and I was feeling pretty good, I launched into what I call song.

Unbeknownst to me, someone on a huge monster bike with cherry red paint and chrome all over it joined the roundabout just behind me and over took me as I was "singing." Here's a bit of a chronology:

  1. I hook left, right, left, at a screaming 60kmh.
  2. The Mood overtakes me and I launch into a rousing few bars of Steppenwolf.
  3. Just as I'm bellowing "Booorrrrnnnn toooo bee Mii-ii-iilld!" the snazzy bike overtakes me.
  4. The snazzy bike wobbles as the rider turns to look back and think "fark - did he just sing what I thought he did?"
  5. We both stop at the Mint St lights, side by side. I look over and there are tears streaming down Snazzy Bike Rider's face.
  6. The lights go green and since it's now beyond the point of worrying about dignity, I lay down into a streamlined racing position and "whhhrrrrrr!" my way outta there.
  7. Seeing no Snazzy Bike, I look back. Snazzy Bike Riber turned off on Mint St, still wobbling and laughing.
Oh well...

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