Tuesday, 7 August 2007

MOO. Stickers. Ooh Sticky!

One of those fortuitous things that happens from time to time is when some company gives away free stuff and I happen to be there for the event. In this case I found a link for a free Moo stickerbook around the place, and followed it. I was expecting some catch but there was none - Moo are giving away a bookful of stickers with your choice of picture(s) on them, no catches.

I provided two pictures and my address and clicked the Submit button expecting to wait for ages, if at all, since I am in Australia and we never seem to get included in these free offers. And to my surprise, today my Moo Stickerbook showed up in the post, almost to the day that the Little Moo Robot informed me by email that it would. Less than three weeks from clicking Submit to placing the first sticker reverently on my mobile phone.

By the way these are quality stickers, look to be splashproof, stick very well, and in general seem to be well worth it. Now that I've seen them, I can already think of a heap of uses for them and am busy planning what to have printed in my next few (paid) books.

For example, my Zen Cookbook site - why not print up a bookful of stickers with the logo and URL? That's a lot of publicity if I use them to seal envelopes and stick notes or compliments slips to things...

And I have had a great idea for a Twitter game which I'll now see if I can't get happening, if so details will be on Twitter and this blog, stay tuned. There's more - Put the faces of your friends and family on these stickers and use them to mark their anniversaries on your kitchen calendar. Put pictures of yourself in thinner days and stouter days on them and use the stickers to mark your weight loss (or gain) on your chart, as an incentive scheme.

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