Tuesday, 7 August 2007

KEVIN07 Launched!

What can you say? Kevin Rudd does have the Libs rattled. He's using the Internet as it's meant to be used, scoring points for net cred, and as far as I'm concerned, the new "KEVIN07" site is one of the smartest things a political party candidate has done in years.

I do tend to agree with visitors to the site, in the hundreds of comments already there, that the sub-slogan should hark right back to another great old Labor slogan "It's Time!" - because it's well and truly time to try and claw back some of the rights and services that have been steadily eroded out from under us by Mr Howard's tender ministrations for far too long.

And I know it's not really my place to get all political but in this case, my readers will remember that I have always said to watch out for your rights, or watch them disappear. I've sat back and watched our little loser leader whittle away too many rights, crush too many freedoms, and supervise the dismantling of too many services, to stand by any more. The sneaky old git with the eyebrows and glasses has to go!

Also considering a sticker campaign, just one single word, see how long before all Australia knows the tagline that's most relevant and applicable to our PM - "BULLSHIT!" . . .


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