Friday, 13 July 2007

Wasn't going to but I will

After feeling decidedly unwell for the last few days - probably a legacy of too much socialising and thus picking up a community-acquired flu virus - I've decided I'm up to sitting at the keyboard and the kitchen bench for an extended period again.

I don't regret the kitchen experience one little bit as it gave me my own version of chimichurri which I put to good use in building a green TEdICHURRI [tm] Chicken Casserole which by the way is a very robust flavoured meal suitable for a real South American menu, without being hot spicy.

It was also a very nice meal to have a verdelho wine with. Yep, that is my next project - to get back to editing together the media I have from last weekend's Wine & Food Festival and hopefully get a blog post up before next year's Festival...

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