Thursday, 26 July 2007 - Funny Name, Neat Features! is a lifestream/mashup site but it looks to me like it's gaining traction so keep an eye on it! Aside from the sheer number of social sites it allows one to keep track of (not facebook yet - get onto it profilactics!) it also allows adding 'static' sites and RSS feeds, and it already knows about pownce and twitter and jaiku.

It lets people stalk you with impunity, and a fair bit of accuracy. I'm going to add a few Google Maps to it and invite everyone to my place. (And stick the pin into a pesky neighbours home instead of mine... hehehe... Hey that could be the new cyber-revenge, who knows?)

I was actually surprised at the number of sites they already have in place, and I believe they are adding more as they get hold of feed URLs etc. I was even more surprised to see my 43things, having forgotten about that particular account. I'm also aware that there have to be several hundred other sites that they don't yet have but quite frankly it's been a while since I used my PBwiki for anything other than work notes.

All in all Profilactic gets a thimbs up, and one thumbs down - I didn't find anywhere to customise the appearance of the mashup page, and that is a must - as it is the page is big, ugly, and needs some CSS love...

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