Sunday, 8 July 2007

End Of The Weekend

A perfectly good weekend, gone. Gone, but won't be forgotten nor was it wasted. Saturday was one of those days that only come along once each winter, with blue skies, golden sun, and almost mid 20's temperatures. Yesterday was rainy but we need that water, and it was not a horrible cold rain either - I rode home in it and it was almost warm.

But the weekend started on Friday evening at the WA Wine & Food Festival. What a very very impressive event! I've put down my first impressions of the evening in a TEdREVIEW article and then had a great idea - I emailed the organisers and asked if I could come back on another day for photos and notes and whatever else I might find. And to my great surprise, I was accepted!

After four hours more spent wandering around the various shopfronts and stalls and displays I returned home yesterday afternoon (in the warm rain) laden down with brochures and coupons to give away, and several hundred megs (I am not kidding here) of images, audio grabs, and notes.

Over the rest of this week I'll be putting together articles on the things I managed to check out this time, and possibly my first podcast out of all the grabs and bites.

And now it's time to see if I can ride to work without freezing up into an icicle.... (Monday has dawned quitecold and crisp, which are the worst conditions aside from actual rain for riding... C'est la vie...)

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