Monday, 18 June 2007

Torchwood, like MIB in English

My take on Torchwood? Men in Black meets James Bond meets Blake's Seven. Some quirky, some awful, and some quite good. Not too sure about Captain Jack, nor the basic premises of Torchwood and the series in general, but a good story none the less.

If it had been 2 years later I'd have said Harkness was one of the crew of the Philadelphia experiment, but according to the movie Harkness vanished in '41 and the Eldridge is supposed to have done the same in '43.

Now here's my bonus thought for the day. What if there really was a Philadelphia experiment, and the results were as all the stories claim, i.e. seamen fused partway through decks. Now imagine that somewhere there's a storage facility - where those seamen are still unable to die either... Erk, nope I hope Harkness' secret is something else...

Still, a not too flogged idea and the first ep presented well. I liked Eve Myles in her lead role as Gwen Cooper, she has a certain style and it suits the role. I'm kind of looking forward to ep 2. This has the potential to go places, I'll gie it a few more episodes at least.


Simon said...

I've seen the first 6 or so episodes, and you forgot to mention that it is also part coronation street. I stopped watching because it was becoming soapy like.

teddlesruss dat who! said...

well that answers that then. I'll still give it a watch for a while, just in case...

Apparently toward the end of the season there's a crossover with the current Dr Who series, which is fine except that I don't get to watch that... But if they are linked shows then it explains Torchwood... hehehe

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