Monday, 18 June 2007

Telstra, Let Me Show It To You

I think this is "omigod" pants-crapping of the first water. Geoff Booth says you don't build two roads between two locations, and don't put two hospitals in the same town - but he's full of shit.

Firstly, there is a road between (for example) here and Melbourne. But it's not like some monopoly is charging you 25c/kilometre to travel along it, to start with. Secondly, there IS an alternative to the road. It's called a railway line. The important thing here isn't the bitumen and the tracks, it's that I now have a choice of travelling by bus or train. And oh yeah - and look up there - there, flying high above either, there's an airline route too...

So bullshit Mr Booth, bullshit. Stick your monopolising sermons where the sun don't shine please.

Also - addressing your concerns that the wireless service would be slow and second rate: My ADSL, let me show it to you... I live in a capital city and my ADSL is worse than dial-up, and for four years Telstra has continued to let it be a service that's worse than second rate, it's been a downright disgrace.

So I live in an area teeming with Telstra presence and technicians. For four years I've tried to get what many consider a basic prerequisite for modern living, repaired and brought to a useable state. The reason nothing is being done, when it all comes down to it, is because your company, Mr Booth, has a monopoly in the suburbs - so why should they bother? What guarantee do rural folks have that unless there's some competition to kick your asses, they won't get left in the lurch similarly?

So bring on ANY alternative to Telstra, and bring it on fast! The sooner Telstra gets their asses whipped the sooner we will see a bit of choice and performance!

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