Thursday, 14 June 2007

New and Old. For the renovators, you know.

An old building related site, and a new one. We used the old one to find a builder to do our extensions, you might want to check the new one and DIY. has been around for years -tell it where you are, tell it what you want done to "bang up" a bit of reno or whatever, and it finds you tradesmen in your area, and sends them a message to call you with a quote. We found it easy and very quick.

Refurber, on the other hand, gives you a resource you can use to get the job done yourself. Get the experiences people have had, use their mistakes to help you prevent your own.

My advice? Even if we'd had refurber back when we extended, we'd still have used bangitup and gotten a builder - turned out waaaayyyyy easier in the long run, and probably saved heaps on all the mistakes we'd have made. But when we reno'ed the main bathroom, now that would have been a job for leaningon other people's experience... I may post our reno there so that other people have an easier job of it. Yeah! That's what these sites are all about, after all!

1 comment:

Meg said...

Thanks for the link back! Of course you could also have requested quotes via ;)

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