Tuesday, 26 June 2007

How to become a "regime" in one easy step

Not saying we're an oppressive regime or anything but see ourselves from this point of view and then ask yourself again if John Howard is worth his salary...

We look like this to people overseas. This is the face of Australia that they see. And Bonsai Johnny Bush makes it happen...

"Australian police, backed up by soldiers, have begun deploying in Aboriginal areas of the Northern Territory to enforce a controversial government move to combat child abuse."

This sounds like a very oppressive move, I actually think about other countries where military might has been used to enforce "family policy" and it's making me very very nervous. What will the Shrunken Failure consider to move on next? Already "Family Services" are denying the right of adoption to people they consider "too fat" - so biological parents watch out, if you put on too much weight they'll be sending in the army to take your kids from you!

Is this really the kindof country you want to be living in? Make your votes count at the next election - keep Howard and other nanny-state promoters out, firmly and resoundingly.

This is not brought to you by any political party, just a concerned citizen watching his government become less and less like a democracy every day...

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