Monday, 25 June 2007

Have Invites to Helium

I guess being a blogger doesn't pay the bills, at least not when you're a z grade blog, anyway... I was glad to find Helium in my travels, because they do pay. A pittance, but they do pay. Now hang on for a minute, before you go barging off there. If you take a look around, find the community to your liking, and decide to join - please don't do it right away! Leave me a comment with your email, or flick me a txt on +61 409 249 807 (0409 249 807 if within Australia) and I'll send you out an invitation. It makes no difference to you but it means I can get some credit up, which is always handy.

Or at "teddlesruss" will also work.

I guess it's called "Helium" because it's kind of like hot air but then again not. Or maybe it's kind of like hot air but in squeaky chipmunks voices. Whatever, I'm enjoying it, and I think most of my readership would enjoy it too. Getting ANY kind of incentive to write has to be good!

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