Monday, 11 June 2007

Chiro for a Geriatric

One more day of work and then - relief...

Last few weeks the little thing that goes "click!" in the base of my spine went "click!" and stayed "click!ed..." Life hasn't been the same since.

Went to chiro who bent and prodded and tested and then sent me for xrays. Xray man took a second set cos he didn't quite believe what he found in the first set but wouldn't say much. And chiro said something along the lines of "we really got to have a talk but seeing this has been there for a while it can wait for the appointment." Not reassuring kids!

Meanwhile VMoto still has my scooter and even after I rang them today they haven't gotten back to me to tell me what the state of play is with ScrappyV so I'm either riding the buses and trains (for some reason intensely painful on my back) or the loaner scooter. (Which also hurts like hell.) The Milan at least is the right ride geometry for me, I can usually ride that to work and back and not hurt too much.

So I'm looking forward to rather a lot of answers in the next two days. And - if I play my cards right I'll be at a PRAWNHEADS lunch too! So there's a few upsides to this...

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