Monday, 26 February 2007

Well that showed where the gutters are full!

Most pleasant, have had short but intense rainstorm and the gutter out back at least is blocked with leaves and crap because it overflowed within five seconds of that little cloudburst. Am I going up on the roof to clear it now? You kidding? Lightning bolts the size of planetbuster bombs, thunder to match, and the last twenty minutes the power has spiked and sagged at least fifteen times, I've switched to my very oldest and crappest laptop because I think the first surge took the less old one out, at leastways, it won't boot now either...

That makes two laptops taken out by powerline noise since December. And Western Power won't take responsibility for either one (they have already declined to replace the one their power spike killed in December, thank you. And our insurance company likewise decline to assist, what the hell we pay them for I'm stuffed if I know) so I am now down to a very slow old toshiba that's about seven years old. Never mind, I'll put in a claim to the insurance company again and I bet they will decline again.

Strikes me that what I once said about "service" companies is, if they are making a profit then they are indeed "servicing" you but not quite in the way you imagined...

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