Saturday, 10 February 2007

WA Chandler Restocks Japanese Whaler!

The whaling ship that's on the cover of the West today, the Nisshin Maru, it rang a bell for someone I know, who used to work for a ship chandlers place in Spearwood. The chandlers were lied to by the captain of the Nisshin M, and so we in WA ended up supplying a Japanese whaling ship after all, despite the embargo.

According to my source, the captain was asked as part of the routine questions if the ship formed any part of a whaling expedition and also allegedly, he replied that the Nisshin M was NOT part of any such expedition.

The point that comes out of it is that it seems that the Japanese will stop at nothing in their quest to fill their demand for whale meat, and we need better control over the whole Port supply scene. Who knows how many other whaling ships restocked here under false pretenses?

I propose that we undertake a comprehensive register of known offender ships which is available to, and advertised to, anyone who may deal with shipping. I'm happy to begin researching and finding them, because at the moment they're pissing themselves laughing at us...

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