Tuesday, 20 February 2007

American Capitalist - Senators? . . .

Sometimes, Ask Yahoo has just the most thought-provoking answers . . .

Like this one. Yes, you have to click and go read.

Okay, now that you're back. I'm sure you picked up the worrying quote from all that - "Although the position doesn't guarantee wealth, a shocking 40% of senators are certified millionaires. Gotta like those odds... "

You should "gotta be horrified" at those figures, Mr and Mrs Average American. The positions most definitely don't guarantee wealth, so you "gotta ask yourself" where that money is coming from . . .

This is, by the way, also a good test to apply to Government officials here in Australia. Take a long hard look at their personal wealth. If they have more of that than you do, do you really want them representing you?

Yes they have more expenses than we do - but if all things are equal and they don't have their snouts in too many troughs, then their personal disposable wealth after all those expenses shouldn't be that much more than ours, and definitely not more than the GNP of some Third World countries.

Once you are sitting in a restaurant for dinner every other night, you quickly forget how hard it was to have macaroni cheese four nights a week while you were struggling to get through Uni . . .

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