Wednesday, 30 October 2013

An In Betweenie Post About Democracy And Freedom

If these freedoms are curtailed - even just once, in any part of Australia - then they are not "freedoms" they are "benevolent permissions" and we're not in a democracy, we're in a dictatorship. And yes I'm aware that these have been curtailed during other governments but the fact remains that they have been, and therefore we are NOT in a democratic government.

Freedom of speech
Our voice - our press - kept out of TPP meetings. Our Navy muzzled and not allowed to tell us about asylum seeker boats. News blackouts. I think the Abbott government has pretty much gutted this one.

Freedom of association
Don't think so. Not when everyday motorcycle riders are being swept along with the bikies because they are apparently guilty by association, and not even association with bikie groups but just by associating with a motorcycle.

Freedom of assembly Ummm yeah so you have to have approval to congregate - that is still not "freedom of assembly" that is "bureaucratic approval required to assemble."

Freedom of religion
Unless that freedom is about having a "Merry Christmas" or a "Happy Easter" instead of a "Happy Non-Specific Public Holiday..." And with a rabid religious under-achiever as the PM, you have to wonder how long before anything but good old fundmental christianity will be condoned and eventually, permitted.

Freedom of movement
This is about the only one they haven't managed to screw the pooch on, mainly because the borders are HUGE and they know they couldn't enforce it if they tried. Also, with Abbott wanting to erase political State borders and put everything under one Federal government, it won't matter will it? (Wasn't that one of his aims? I seem to recall that it was.)

Five Freedoms here:

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