Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Gardens, Cliche, Inner Peace

Do you garden?  Even if you have just a pot plant on a window ledge, I guess, you can call yourself a gardener.  Me, I've always found that growing something makes me feel so much better about life.  Look, there's this thing that I nursed and cared for, now large and happy, be it a flower, a vegetable, or a kitten I've looked after since it was less than a handful.

The sentiments expressed in this article prompted this blog post, because I've seen how much a garden can do for making one feel at peace.  I did go through a stage where I was inclined to think that real life was a messy dirty thing that's better avoided, but somehow, it prevailed.  I've had the best experience the last two weeks, of having a visitor from interstate, and it was even better because I had growing things to show and to use in meals, there was the rabbit shed, the ducks, and some lovely local scenery.  Safe to say that had I been living in the city itself, we'd have been sat indoors and bored solid.

Okay, brainfart over, go back to LOLcats.

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