Monday, 16 November 2009

A Chinese Place To Avoid

Sorry to have to do it but I've got some advice for the Sandy Cove Chinese place.  If they wanted to sell more meals, they should learn to cook...  In a year I've bought four meals there.  Tonight was the latest fiasco.  I never learn...

First time:  Meals chewy, veges undercooked, rice tasted like it had been boiled with socks.
Second time:  I had Chow Mein, and the menu says if you want it with soft noodles instead of crispy, you have to ask for it.  I got it hime and found that it actually comes with no noodles...  Phoned and complained, they seemed unequipped to handle that.  Oh well.  Oh yeah, and the meat was total crap, veges were undercooked.
Third time:  Really wanted some Chow Mein with crispy noodles.  Asked at the counter if the crispy noodles were part of the meal or did I have to ask for them separately?  And was assured that they were part of the meal.  Got it home after asking again to make sure she'd put the crispy noodles in.  Nope. Instead of noodles it seems the bag contained a dose of Yuck Foo Roundeye. And the meat was a crap cut again, the sort of shit I trim off and feed to the cat, and if the cat turns up his nose, to my sister's dog.  
Tonight: Fourth and last time I'll ever buy anything from there.  Had their local special - barbecue pork and veg.  We all know that yummy red BBQ pork, right?  They don't.  I got some roast pork that looked like it might have gone into the oven several times and had black crusts (hard as gravel, too) all over the outsides, rice still tasted like it had been boiled with the family socks, and the veges were underdone.  And the BBQ sauce tasted like the shit char sieuw sauce that certain european condiment companies make.  Warmed up and poured over (let's be fair - it was DROWNED in the bloody stuff, which is not the BBQ pork I know.) the meat and veges, which actually tasted like they'd been thrown in a pot of the damn sauce and that was the entire cooking process.  

VERDICT:  Not as long as my ass is pointing to the ground, will I ever again go there while it's under current management and staff.  I can't understand why people go there.  Yeah, sure, there MUST be some meals they make that are okay, but why would I spend several visits and a perfectly good stomach lining figuring out what they make that's actually edible?  

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