Friday, 12 June 2009

Super. stition.

I don't know where you stand on the touchy subject of religion. Some people regard it as an absolute truth, others as a superstition.  I don't know where I stand on the topic of an unknown, unknowable, intrinsic force of nature that has to be taken on faith and apparently is how the Universe was made.  Oh wait - that could be called God OR The Big Bang...  

You see how deeply troubling this topic can become?  If you allow yourself to believe in The Big Bang, then you have to accept that Schroedinger's Cat is both dead and alive and that you - yes you, you murdering scum! - cause it to either live or die by merely looking at it.  And if you believe in a spirit named God, then you also have to admit that ghosts, evil spirits, and all the accoutrements of superstition are equally possible.

One thing you should not do, however, is change your language on account of it.  That would be plain idiocy - oh wait - America.  What was I thinking?  Of course it's normal over there...

America - and, increasingly, Australia - is a place where they debate such deep and vexing questions such as "should nursing mothers be allowed to flop a boob out in public, maybe where other people are trying to  have dinner?" and coming up with the answer "Yes! Yes! We must not impede population explosion!" yet if someone drops his wanger out in a park at 3AM on the walk home (to avoid having to drive home drunk because by then no effing buses are running) he can be arrested for "public indecency" even if there isn't any public around for miles.  It all makes perfect sense doesn't it?  And I mean, that is despite knowing that urine has better purposes than to provide a job for some sewage treatment worker... 

As the good little prudes we are, we know that God created The Big Bang so that we would have clothes to wear and water to waste on flushing our piss.  Because if that's not the Meaning Of Life, The Universe, And Everything, then we may as well throw caution to the wind and stop burning witches and black cats...

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1 comment:

Wolfie! said...


One thing with the big bang, there's a lot more evidence for it than not.

The religious types can't come up with anything resembling proof.

But I did enjoy the rant, especially about boobs and penises.

To me, if I saw a naked couple in the park making love and appearing to be perfectly happy, I'd simply leave them alone, not scream blue murder about it because "the kiddies may be scarred for life".

Kids in the bush see cattle and horses bonking all the time, and they grow up ok.


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