Friday, 20 March 2009

Latest Facebook Crisis Of "Governance."

Facebook "pleads" with users to give it tips? Don't make me laugh. I got one "tip" to join a group, and since then they've been silent.  As the proverbial grave.  So no - there's been no pleading, no conversation.  Just one message, and that's been it.

For a company that's all about social networking and therefore communication, they're not doing so well at all.  Like most geeks they are good at expediting a conversation but get them into a two way exchange and they freeze.  "OMG!  They're - TALKING - to me!  They might CRITICISE the things I'm doing! OMGOMGOMG!"

Here's a tip, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg:

Just don't be underhanded.  You have a history of acting like sneaky asswipes. As an example (on top of changing TOS without consultation) you just recently gave us your "new look" Facebook.  As predictable, it's gotten the predictable kneejerk reaction from users forming groups.  Had you allowed people to switch between the two looks, and - more importantly - provided a "What Do You Think Of The New Look?" link leading to a poll form, you would have gathered megabytes of data.

If you'd provided a "News Of What We're Up To" link and a similar WDYT link there, and then announced what you're planning to do, where people can get hold of the latest changes to try out - well then you'd be able to get "governance guidance."  Oh and calling it governance is a misnomer - you do NOT "govern" you "develop."  Governors are dictatorial despots, developers are people who realise that their bread and butter on the table comes to them by way of their users...

Oh and update - just how am I supposed to comment on the Facebook group created for the purpose?  I can't even find groups in this new layout...

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