Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Speed Bumps That Don't.

Just back from a flying visit to Perth so my sis could do her christmas shopping, bought myself a cheap toaster oven so I don't have to endure the weird noises and stinks the electric stove oven makes.  Should be making mini pizzas or something else to test the new acquisition out but instead I'm watching a re-run of Rush and nibbling on snacks.

Go to this article on Treehugger and go on - have a good laugh at the picture, I did.  But the story underneath the picture tells how many GREAT ideas are coming out of the woodwork, in an effort to save precious ounces of fuel and kilos of emissions.

As anyone that reads my TEdADYNE Systems and Zencookbook support blogs knows, I'm all for anything to keep speeds reasonable and fuel and pollution levels low.  I even had a few suggestions, such as putting what by now are extremely simple traffic speed and volume detecting cameras at every intersection controlled by traffic lights and penalise anyone who approaches lights at too high a speed by changing the lights to stop them, and evening out traffic flows by intelligently adjusting light cycles depending on the amount of traffic in each direction.

If each little baby step like this is adopted and taken up, then we can and will be able to undo some of the damage we've been causing, one baby step at a time...

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