Monday, 10 November 2008

"Well-tanned" Barak Gets "Green-Rolled"

Gawd but this story makes Obama much more real to me.  Right down to the wry laugh during the actual interview.  Yep, greenwash will come up and bite ya at any time.  How Barak dealt with it shows a lot of patience and humour.

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Wolfie! said...

I tend to feel that flouro-bulbs are a "feel good" product. The real problem with the earth is over breeding... until someone actually stands up and says maybe we should have fewer kids then we're stuffed.

OK, so you're using an 8watt bulb, but it's not going to make any difference if you've got 20 more people.


teddlesruss dat who! said...

Yeap - also, of course, that smug slightly superior feeling you get when your lights are all CFL, leads you to just leave them on for longer. Thus kind of defeating the purpose also.

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