Thursday, 30 October 2008

How To Fail At Ideas. My Ideas, Let Me show Them To You...

I had an idea, about two years ago.  An idea I stupidly held close to the chest.  Now I see this and I wish I'd posted this two years ago...

The idea was actually to place an oil press and a biodiesel reactor into a 20ft container, making them able to be shipped anywhere in the world that there was something to be turned into oil.  Place a small diesel generator in there too, and once you've generated the power to extract and refine your first batch of diesel, you're running on your own product .  And generating useful electricity as a side effect...

My first target was the olive farms here in Western Australia, because it seemed that all those stones and bits left over from pressing were an ideal feedstock for such a setup.

Second target - and I'm going to put this out now before I find yet another idea of mine developed in parallel but years later - is vineyards.  They throw out tonnes of grape seeds and skins each year...  Those are the same seeds that in other vineyards get turned into grapeseed oil for cooking, yes.

And seriously, I am sooooo bloody tired of having ideas and never getting them off the ground...

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