Thursday, 11 September 2008

Who's That Girl?

Little known fact about Sarah Palin:

Okay, okay - that particular meme has been Twittered to death already. But I'm seeing a very alarming side of that "pit bull with lipstick" as she styled herself. I'm reading about a pro-lifer. So pro life that she carried her child that she knew would have Downs Syndrome to term and is now "looking after" that child. Sorry - someone who uses the technology to discover that an embryo will grow up in a confusing world it will never be equipped to deal with but doesn't do anything to prevent it, is a form of self-martyrdom I don't want to see in someone whose job may one day be to push a big red button. Plus - look what happened to Martha Stewart...

Oh and speaking of that big red button - this is a woman who clearly has no idea that one should maintain a separation between State and Church, she advised her parish that American soldiers are on a mission from God. Yep, she has God's ear, and she knows that for sure. What she doesn't know is that these brushfires are spreading America's defense forces very thinly, and what she doesn't seem to be aware of at all is that the big Russian bear just a few kilometres away from the border of her electorate is licking his chops.

Meanwhile, Sarah is going to be taking her mentally defective child to hockey practice, adjusting the doilies on the mantelpiece, and signing Vice Presidential memos. She admitted she has no idea what being a VP entails, but she's happy to become one and fake it.

Plus, I see that slightly horrifying character that she has, sort of a Stepford VP-in-the-wings, and I think "Surely Americans can't watch her without feeling the hair prickling on the backs of their necks?" Between her and McCain, the USA would be somewhat worse off than they have been under GWB. I think that the time when the States were a world power are long gone, and that they are slowly coming across as a bunch of bucolic hicks with First Cousin Syndrome.

And BarakO? A man who slipped up and admitted "my Muslim faith" on air? Who's never had to think about pushing a big red button in his life, having never done a stroke of military service that I can find? Who was talking about Sarah Palin earmarking funds (porkbarreling) when in fact he's done the same thing for the University of Chicago where his wife worked?

McCain? He is old school, he has been imprisoned in war and no doubt carries deep psychological scars from that, which will make him react the wrong way in a crisis. And he's OLD. He stands a good chance of being the first American president to die during his installation.

Leaving a Mom In Glasses to run that defense department to further God's work. OMG can't you just see it? "Now send some troops in to that disgusting Asian country and make them stop eating dogs. God loves doggies, but he hates nasty foreigners. What? What will they eat? Oh let 'em eat cake!"

Yeah right. America is now officially fucked whichever way it turns.

Update:  Barak and John face off over a remark. And I'm stuffed if I can tell whether he was calling Sarah Palin a pig, or if someone's just calling a pig Sarah Palin...

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