Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The K-Rudd Pension Plan

I reckon that K-Rudd has a master plan regarding pensioners.

I think his plan is that if he keeps us on the starvation line for another nine months, then by the time the budget rolls around, there'll be less of us old bastards to pay due to dying off, so he'll save money. I was all in favour of this guy but he's just proving to be a bit of a pain all around. Maybe WA is an omen for him, if he doesn't smarten his shit up.

No I'm not a politician's asshole, I'm the first to admit it. But I also know that several million pensioners (and the people who are currently having to assist those pensioners, i.e. their family, friends, etc) are a sizeable chunk of the vote to piss off. And no matter how much he tries to starve us out, there will be more and more of us in relation to the whole population. Beware, K-Rudd! You're digging a hole you won't easily be climbing out of here!

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