Saturday, 26 July 2008

Check your spam count.

I don't think this is good, even though theoretically the volume of spam should decrease.  It's sad though that he tried to take his family with him and in the process left trauma that will never leave his daughter whom he shot in the neck, and a series of questions that will haunt the baby boy.

It's not good that his frame of mind wasn't picked up on and he wasn't on any kind of suicide watch, that just shows a lack of attention by the authorities.  Although, of course, they might have been distracted by all that spam in their inboxes promising Russian brides.

Also not good is that it took four days to find him - after having collected his family, and found at a house he had obviously recently lived at - again, there's something seriously wrong here.  Even if he'd had 20 residences that's still 20 places you'd think the authorities would keep a watch on.  Or perhaps they were too busy ordering viagra or securing their share of $40,000,000 in state duties imposed on some Nigerian company...

Seriously, it seems to have been a lot of inattention, a lot of not very clear thinking, and a lot of laissez-faire attitude that led to this.  Also a tragedy that he killed or attempted to kill all his family. But he left his baby son, in what would appear to be a bit of a cheat to keep one successor alive after him.  It gives an insight into a slightly different mental process, and is vaguely disturbing. 

But deep down inside, I'm satisfied that a person who has driven millions of people to the edge of spam hell has now gone there himself.

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