Wednesday, 19 December 2007

If Only Mr Magoo had had - this:

This is pretty much the logical development for an ageing population that don't want to give up their independence and freedom despite the fading reflexes/faculties. My father still drove up until just short of his 80th birthday, and he remained a good driver up until a major stroke prevented the possibility of further driving. My stepmother on the other hand, would have forgotten she was in the driver's seat except for the sound of screaming passengers... (Actually, and very sensibly, she didn't drive anyway. Dad was Designated Driver 99% of the time.)

But cars are already smart enough to sense anmals and pedestrians on the road, detect white lines, avoid kerbs and other vehicles, and stay within GPS-defined speed zones. And, of course, they can find their way to the shops and back. The only thing that prevents self-driving cars is the innate human distrust of surrendering control over our lives to anyone or anything else. Same thing that prevents us liking driverless trains and pilotless airplanes. (Both of which are now possible, too. )

So I hope this technology is available in cars soon, because I like the idea of reading a book while the car takes me to the capuccino strip or wherever...

1 comment:

hotfish said...

Nice! I would like to own one of those as well. Seeing that I am a fan of Toyotas... PLEASE Toyota, please make it as affordable as my current Avalon as well. :)

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