Thursday, 11 October 2007

Who's Fishing For More Of Our Dollars?

Here's a story on the price of fish. Which is a good introduction to scam artistry, ripping us off, and justifying a price hike for not much reason at all.

Summary "dwindling supplies of fish" and "increasing demand" are going to result in increases of "up to 50% in the coming weeks." That is fishmongerspeak for "everyone else is making 500% why can't I?"

We have the same "increasing demand" every year. And stocks are not "dwindling" they are being sold out by the government not watching foreign incursion, and by the fishmongers themselves selling to overseas instead of locally, and by fishermen who don't actually want to fish, just collect money.

Blaming "the metropolitan closure to commercial fishermen" of fishing zones just means that the sharks are now being caught further out to sea, and if the price remained the same then the fish would finally have reached a fair price. Two month bans would not be necessary if it wasn't for an overseas hunger for shark which is being slaked at our expense.

And for my money, I notice that we are still importing fish from everywhere else, at the same prices, but expect that to change too as everyone gets the extortion bug. Consider buying a $20 all-in-one fishing kit from Wollies or some sporting store and go spend a lazy afternoon sometime and stock up your own freezer... %)

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