Monday, 1 October 2007

QLD, Vic, Borders Closed! Australia Splits Into Separate Worlds!

I'm wondering now. If someone enters Australia via Fremantle and becomes an Australian citizen here, will they have to take the test before they are allowed into Queensland and Victoria? Is this a rational way for States to act, when Immigration is really a Federal issue that needs to be adressed uniformly? Or are we busy building mini banana republics within Australia again? Shades of Joh Bjelke!

Hell - I just realised - I came to Australia in 1964 - I won't be allowed into QLD or VIC unless I sit the test, too! Are we seeing how basically stupid and unfair this is? When will State Premiers stop turning their states into jokes? (Including your Big Green Erection Mr Court Jr, yeah you, you total tosser... How many places on earth have a friggen belltower without bells in it?)

But back to my basic question - does this make sense to anyone? Me either... Okay okay I understand that eventually all the States will have these laws. But this introduction in a State here and a State there is all a bit too haphazard and random for me, I like a consistent Government don't you? And again, not one of the far too esteemed members and actuaries ever stop to think how hickified and mentally deficient this makes us look to others overseas.

We introduce an Immigration Test in two States but have normal immigration requirements in the rest, making the Test so easy to circumvent that everyone's laughing behind their hands at that. We then show that we don't even have a handle on our internal politics by sending negotiating teams backed by military and police into our rural and outback areas to "control" our native population. And we then dig up as much dirt on them as we can, pedophilia and alcoholism, so we can point and in our best anal-retentive John Howard voice say "See? They made us do this!" without ever thinking how the rest of the world just sees this as a result misgovernance and mismanagement made worse by mishandling.


Kate said...

Hi Teddlesruss,

We were talking on Twitter about this comment:

"How many places on earth have a friggen belltower without bells in it?"

I just wanted to confirm that the belltower at the barrack street jetty does have bells. I worked there as a guide and have rung the bells also.

Like most of Perth, I was against the belltower being built and that it would be a blight on the landscape. I ended up working there because I had just finished my degree and needed a job.

It is actually very beautiful inside, with a gorgeous view of the river and on a quiet afternoon it is very serene. Still doesn't make me like Richard Court, but the belltower wasn't as bad as the newspapers made it out to be.

The blight on the landscape is the convention centre! Thats more ugly and noticable.

But I just wanted to confirm that yes, the Belltower does has bells and it's not a recording. It's worth going there to take a look, it's about time Perth got over the politics shrouding it.


teddlesruss dat who! said...

Okay I have never seen that, I have though heard the crappy recording they seem to play at all sorts of times... I stand corrected on that.

Richard Court's got negative quantities of appeal for me, I don't like the Court family at all, they had all the makings of a Bjelke Peterson empire for a while there.

Worse, my family and I lived in Wittenoom and spent what back then was a fortune (over $30,000) on buying and refurbishing a house there and after years and years of proving that the place had been safe for a decade, we were still thrown out of our home. We got $1000 for the place, and $1500 moving expenses.

So I've kind of lost my respect for Governments, Liberals governments more especially, and any Liberal politician with "Court" in their name specifically. Money that was thrown at that effing belltower is money that could have been spent keeping my home unbulldozed and then I'd still have somewhere to call home...

Kate said...


That's bloody tragic about your home in Wittenoom. Have you written much about your experience - it's a story that people heard 'of' in the news but then it disappears. It'd be good to hear your story.

Cya, Kate

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