Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Played Facebook TV Trivia Yet?

A few weeks ago, life was hard, but not depressing. I was sick with the killer flu, but there were a couple of good shows on TV (like Doctor Who and Torchwood the anagram) and a lot of quiz contest shows around, like 1vs100. Then someone invited me to Facebook TV Trivia and life changed...

To begin with, I bravely tackled any question that came up, doing my best to guess at things like what X's secret identity was in "The X's Secret Identity Show" or whatever else.

After dozens of valiant guesses, I discovered something. Formula. Formula, formula, formula. If the choice of a character's name in a sitcom was between Charlie and Zander, pick Charlie.

Every time. *sigh*

If there is a choice of a believable and boring scenario and an outlandish bizarre and unusual one, go with the strangest one.

Yes Betty did lose her hand because she got it stuck in the S-bend while trying to retrieve the engagement ring she had from her college romance.

Not in a car accident or work related machinery accident. *sigh*

If anyone asks a True or False question, no matter how bizarre and unlikely the "True" scenario is, pick "True."

The person that wrote the question is trying to impress you with their knowledge of "strange but True" trivia, not ask a serious question, anyway.

Then I spotted the "block xxxxx show" link which stops you getting questions on sitcoms that were only ever aired in Bumcrack, Idaho for half a season in celebration of the Idaho Potato Board Comedy Festival.

Much judicious use of the link followed, with me reasoning that if I stuck to the shows I've seen, and block the rest, I'll get to a situation where eventually I'll know most of the answers.

Almost two weeks later, I'm still playing daily. Still blocking around 20-50 shows a day, and still every day there are new crapcoms and shitshows that apparently have enough of a following around the world to warrant a question or two in the Trivia quiz.

Apparently we have an almost unlimited capacity for creating crap.

And that's why I'm now so thoroughly depressed...

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