Friday, 3 August 2007

I Haz Buttenz! Yayyy!

After almost four weeks of feeling like the proverbial shyte on a shyngle, waking today to realise that I am down to only common cold symptoms was an epiphany. Kthx! But better and better was still to come! After waiting for the day to warm up, I went and collected my scooter from VMoto's workshop in East Perth and rode that home, in stages as I felt tired, but still a good 20km meandering ride.

Then I arrived home, put the tools and spare oil and wet weather gear in the bike, and decided to check teh intarsnailmail. Hmmm, wats in dis envilop I see dere?

Got inside and sat down comfortably in front of the laptop. Pikshas! I gots to has pikshas! Something in the envelope was definitely affecting me and making me wanna go MOAR MOAR lolcat lingo! MOAR!
I mean

So I tipses out teh envilop to find:

YAYYYY! No moar wtf, now I iz verry hapi! Iz mah bukkit of lolcat buttenz!

So anyway - the buttons from the icanhascheezburger people have arrived and are a little bit small, at "button sized" but definitely worth it I reckon. If I'm going to spend my hard earned dollars, it may as well be on something like this that makes me chuckle and as a bonus, is kinda cool too.

Buttons came sealed with a cute kitty sticker, there are nine buttons, plus a "thank you for giving us your money suckah" note written in lolcat, and even a Wordpress sticker in case I wanted to switch platforms. I can has bukkit?

I will now wear my WTF button with pride, Trish has already claimed the "Halp!" button, and I'm sure I'll need to order another set for the memory chest.


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