Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Where the bloody hell's yer head at? (reprise)

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with Bonsai Johnny and The Big Dubya swapping illegal immigrants? More to the point, can anyone tell me what's right with it? Why will it not matter a tinker's toss to the flow of migrants? Why do I say all this?

Well - umm - tell me again what it is about illegal immigrants that makes them illegal immigrants? Well, to begin with the identification needs to start at the other end - they are also illegal emigrants from their country.

Their first and foremost motivation isn't "hey! let's go to australia, it looks like a really bonza place and has this really cool chick that's got the barbie going for us!" The motivation for most illegal immigrants is "get me the hell outta here! ANYWHERE except here!"

You get it? Illegal Mexican and Cuban emigrees and Indonesian people who emigrate from their home countries don't go to a travel agent and say "Gee Texas looks nice this time of year" they just want out. And then we go and give them a free trip across the entire globe, too. Come on, even I know a damn good travel deal when I see it...

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