Thursday, 15 February 2007

Wailing Twats On Whaling Boats

Is it only funny to me that the japanese are being such total twats?

I pointed out in a previous article that the captain of the Nisshin Maru a year or two ago lied his ass off to get restocked by a ship's chandler here in Perth. That alone qualifies Japanese whalers as total pond scum in my books.

And now their Nisshin Maru is on fire, they're asking us, who have made it plain we abhor what they are doing, for aid with their ship? And to make matters worse they are "not extending that request to anti-whaling ships in the vicinity..."

Personally I say let the bastards sink, let the anti-whaling campaigners go and "help" by pumping the fuel oil for themselves so that when the Nisshin Maru sinks it won't be a total ecological disaster. But as far as aid goes, let them abandon ship, we'll claim the NM as a salvage and turn her into a reef where whales can go to eat krill and laugh.

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