Thursday, 15 February 2007

Newswarp.. Newswrap... Yeah...

Telstra has a record share price despite a loss in profit and our stock market breaks a record. I'm sitting here at home in Perth's southern suburbs using an ADSL connection which is slower on average than a dial-up connection, because Telstra can supply ADSL2 to Yackandanda Pub but they can't supply broadband in capital cities... It really really makes me angry, it does. I can't even go back to dialup because the line with ADSL imposed on it is now too noisy for a modem to work.

And on a lighter note, it seems like the whales are finally going to get a break - apparently the japanese saw the videos of the light-up deep sea squid and said "man! I gotta have me some of that, yummm!"

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