Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Yeah it's ... The TEdLIVISION Show!

Dashed by the rigid digit of destiny (also known as something to do with the fickle finger of fate) I finally have the time to resume blogging. In late November a power surge in the neighbourhood took out my personal laptop and while I had a copy of the old blog database it appears to be corrupted and so I've had no blog for almost six weeks. I am BURSTING, peoples!

With any luck Synergy will replace the laptop for me as otherwise I'm stuck with this rather antiquated Toshie which would be a damn shame, it's six years old and not going to last very long. I *finally* got the paperwork sent to me after two separate phone calls, and will hopefully have a new laptop in the next few months. (Hopefully before this one bluescreens its last bluescreen...)

Loads of stuff have happened, but first I just had to set up the archive of the last few years of posts (the html on my ISP's server was still okay, just the program that generates them will not read the database any more and that means I can either start on the old ISP with a clean empty DB or else start the same as everyone else on Blogger.)

Anyhow - I've archived the last three or four years for anyone that's interested, and will now put a redirect on the old website and point everyone here.

Happy New Year all!

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so there!

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