Saturday, 20 January 2007

Windbreaking at Sunbreakers

Just returned from a pleasant afternoon in Mandurah, visiting my sister, and my niece who's down from Broome slumming it. Bought a pack of crisp chips and for some reason that gave me the worst stomach problems. Then my niece suggested dinner at Sunbreakers, which occupies what used to be the Hogs Breath Cafe near the Atrium, and I felt quite out of place, I'd basically come down in a tee shirt and work trousers as we've been cleaning house, and I had the Dodgy Guts to go with it, but even so I enjoyed the meal tremendously.

Regretfully dropped the niece back at sister's place, she's turned into a very likeable young lady and has done more in her 21 years than many of the people I work with at 45. We had about half an hour on the Foreshore before the sun was down too far to keep the sea chill out, and may get to see her one more time before she flies back, certainly hope so.

On the way home we stopped at Safety Bay and found a nice dark spot to watch our cosmic comet visitor, and luckily had binoculars with us so we got a reasonable look at it. I think it's a very beautiful proof that we're not the only game in town, with its fairy-dust tail it makes all the astronomy lessons seem pretty concrete all of a sudden.

So now I have this vision of a huge spaceliner ejecting a large chunk of frozen black water and then watching in amusement as these funny creatures on some planet about third back from their sun all line the best vantage points facing west and take photos of our big frozen sewage ball. Don't ask me why, just my warped sense of humour. I just know I'll have weird dreams tonight....

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